Conceptronic 2,5 inch Portable HDMI Media Player

$282.00 (£150.00)
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This media player with HDMI is your personal portable storage box carrying all your favourite music files photos and movies Thanks to the big storage capacity you can store all your movies music and photo's Due to the easy set up and bundled remote control you can easily access you media files The CM2H offers you a HDMI and composite connection built-in card reader and internal hard disk to watch/listen to all your photos videos and music After copying the data from your PC or memory card just simply connect it to any TV in your home hotel or at your neighbours and you can enjoy your own entertainment.
Output signal through HDMI or composite
Perfect travel solution to use in hotels
FAT32 and NTFS hard disk support
Playback all your digital media (movies, photos and music)
Displays DVD menu (IFO) and subtitles (SRT/SMI/SUB/SSA)
HDMI with upscaling (1080i)
Compatible with all 2,5” SATA harddisks

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