Fujitsu DVB-T Mobile Digital TV Tuner

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Equipped with our DVB-T Mobile TV Tuner your notebook or PC is ready to receive Digital TV wherever you want. All you have to do is to connect the compact tuner with the USB port of your notebook or PC. An additional power supply unit is not required. Because of the mini antennas and the small remote control the DVB-T Mobile TV Tuner is ideal for mobile use. The enclosed digital TV software offers you an electronic program guide, time-shift recording, videotext, various recording and replay functions. Of course, you can also connect the DVB-T Mobile TV Tuner with your existing DVB-T antenna installation without any trouble.
Compatible operating systems:
Microsoft Windows XP
Dimensions (WxDxH):
97 x 37 x 19 mm
I/O ports:
1 x 4 PIN USB Type A
Interface type:
Minimum processor:
Intel Pentium III 1GHz
Minimum RAM:
256 MB
Aspect ratio:
4:3, 16:9
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