Philips Pocket Memo 588

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Easy prioritization is the strength of the Pocket Memo 588. The index tone allows you to mark individual documents, set their priority and identify them easily during editing and transcription.

Key benefits

LCD tape counter displays recording time elapsed
Battery consumption indicator shows available battery power
Priority index tone indicates urgent documents
End-of-letter index tone indicates the start of each document and number of recordings
Sensitivity switch for conference or close-range recording
Voice activated recording for hands-free dictation

Package Content

Pocket Memo 588
30-minute Mini Cassette 005
2x AAA Batteries
Luxury Pouch
Belt Clip
Wrist Strap

Technical Data

Weight: 110 grams
Dimensions: 123 x 58 x 25 mm
Acoustic frequency response: 400 - 4,000 Hz
Output power: > 100 mW
Earphones socket
Microphone socket
Power Supply socket

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