Eminent EM6053

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Use existing CAT5 network cable to connect your surveillance cameras to your surveillance recorder. The Eminent Video over UTP allows you to use long cables, up to 200 meters.

Up to 200 meter cable
Use existing network cables for video surveillance or other baseband video signal applications. Save money and time, no need to run new coax cables.

Perfect video quality
Transmission over a CAT5 is called a balanced signal, whereas coax cable is unbalanced. This means the video signal is less susceptible to interference.

Connect up to 4 video signals to one UTP cable
A standard CAT5 cable has 4 twisted pair cables, this allows you to connect the video signal of 4 cameras to just one CAT5 cable. If you choose to send both the video and power signal over the UTP cable, you can connect 2 cameras to one CAT5 cable. The network cable must be a "straight" cable, not a "crossover" cable.
Installation of surveillance cameras was never so easy and reliable!
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