ION Audio Contour LP

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CONTOUR LP is an music-conversion turntable that transfers the music on your vinyl records to MP3
on your Mac or PC. This compact USB turntable connects with a plug-and-play USB connection that requires no complicated driver installation. Its small footprint makes CONTOUR LP easy to fit into your stereo system, taking up minimal space. You can even listen to your records without connecting CONTOUR LP to your stereo system thanks to its built-in speaker!
ION’s exclusive EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software assists you in creation of flexible MP3 files you can
listen to on your computer, load onto your iPod, or record to CD. When not converting records, you can also enjoy your classic vinyl records using CONTOUR LP as a standard record player.

- Turn your records into MP3s using your Mac or PC.
- Play records on your home stereo without needing a preamplifier.
- Plug-and-play USB computer connection requires no driver installation.
- EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software quickly transfers your music to iTunes.
- Built-in speaker for standalone enjoyment.

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