Sony XM-GTR7040

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Multi channel GTR series in-car amplifier with huge 700W power output

Experience great sound quality with a huge 700W max power in-car GTR Series amplifier, delivering 350W over two channels.

Switch to 2 channel mode to power a pair of subwoofers. Switch to 3 channel mode to power a subwoofer while the other two channels power a pair of speakers.

Variable 50-300Hz Low Pass Filter on front and rear channels, delivering only low frequency signals to your woofers. High Pass Filter, also front and rear, cuts out the low and mids.

Independent variable 12 dB/Oct 6-70Hz subsonic High Pass Filter for front and rear channels.

MOSFET power source gives you superior performance from your in-car audio system.

High Level Sensing Power On feature allows the unit to be activated without the need for remote connection.

One touch variable Bass Boost for thumping low-end sounds (rear speakers only).

Active Thermal Control technology inside the amp fine-tunes the peak part of the music signal. By maintaining the unit's temperature below the limit, nuances of sound are preserved.

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